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Monday, January 27, 2014

IOC Eye-Opener
A moment of seriousness...
Even though I enjoy the concept and potential of the approaching Olympics, I am not a big fan of the International Olympic Committee. Over the years, after reading so many articles detailing the financial finagling and general mismanagement which has gone on within the organization, I have developed a decided distaste and mistrust of their highly self-touted motivations. It is my personal feeling that like many noble endeavors, this group, despite all the good they may have accomplished, seems increasingly more focused on developing dollars than pure athleticism. And, as one rule of human nature indicates, the money the organization can and does generate has given them power. Unfortunately, history also records that power frequently corrupts and every four years now, the organization seem intent in following and enhancing that tradition.
An article I read a few days ago in the Washington Post, almost hidden amongst the gradually swelling pages of electronic print promotion and advertising, provides a very tough but much clearer picture of what is happening behind the scenes of enthusiastic athletes and preening officials. The author Sally Jenkins, from her tone, is not a fan of Premier Putin the current Russian head of state, and makes little effort at stifling that bias in her reporting. However, it is the details she presents, not their inflection, which makes the information cut as deeply as it should.
I don't like to pass on any such items unless I think they have some merit and are extremely newsworthy, but this particular one has almost a prophetic flavor about it, well in advance of the event. Consequently, I thought I would record it, just in case some of the things talked about within actually do take place. At least the comparison of the report against what actually happens will provide something of a measuring stick, with which to gauge later commentary.
And as for the money machine pumping away at the core of those zeros, here is some additional reading. - J.

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