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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Naked Dating...???

For several weeks now, recent holidays have kept me sequestered from alternate realities, and so passing news reports, good, bad, or ugly, have managed to escape my miniscule viewpoint. However, all things must come to an end and let's face it... media has a way of grabbing one's attention.

With today's International headlines hawking stories of wars and rumors of wars, as well as second and third page human tragedies, there are definitely bigger and more important issues to make comment over. However, this one, in the starkest of contrasts, simply screams for a shot or two.
From an article recently published online by Huffington Post and other news media, it is being reported that “...During an episode of the risque reality show "Dating Naked" which aired on July 31, New York model Jessie Nizewitz claims the cable network aired uncensored footage of her privates.”

In a statement made by her, Ms. Nizewitz says something to the effect that, despite repeated assurance by the production companies involved, that both her’s and her date’s sexually-related physical parts would be shadowed, or blurred out of scenes in final production, that a violation of this understanding had taken place. As a result of the now infamous, public screening, and the questionable “accidental or not” reveal of her “naughty bits”, she now feels that she was manipulated and lied to. Consequently she has filed a lawsuit against the show for ten million dollars, and either knowingly, or ignorantly, has automatically provided the producers with immeasurable free publicity.

Whatever the outcome of this specific media circus, previous similar events indicate that the network and it’s affiliates will be the overall winners of the battle, while the model’s concerns regarding her virtue will quickly vanish into obscurity. For a while at least, until something more pruient comes along, this particular reality show’s sagging ratings will most likely sky-rocket, as will the pricing the producers are now able to charge for advertising.

Unfortunately, as a cruel and bullying addendum, the New York Post is already reporting that Nizewitz has been heavily mocked online, "...making her literally, the butt of everybody's jokes."

I have not seen any episodes of the show, nor do I intend to do so, but since it’s first early advertising spots, made mental note of the fact that reality programs in general and this one particularly, have managed to rapidly sink to new lows in television standards. They seem to be desperately grasping for market share and appear willing to promulgate any concept that might generate a bit more money than the other guys. At the same time, perhaps in light of, or despite my own questionable follies of the past, I couldn’t help but also wonder how anyone, either man or woman with even the smallest shred of integrity, and/or intelligence, could involve themselves in such a production, without partially sensing that their participation would ultimately be exploited to the fullest extent legally possible.

There is an old fable told of a snake that was trying to scale a mountain in order to get to a spot where it could warm itself in the afternoon sun. The route, although easy at first, had become extremely rugged and rocky, making it difficult for the reptile to slither its way further to the summit. Frequently, the sharp stones would cut into its skin and  force it to pause to regain energy. The snake was about to give up the quest when finally, it saw a man rapidly hiking his way to the top, nimbly hopping from one craggy boulder to another. 

“Please!” begged the serpent plaintively, “Have mercy on one of God’s lowliest of creatures. Put me in your pocket so that I can get to the top safely and without further havoc or accident.

“But, you’re a snake,” replied the hiker, “and a poisonous one at that. There is no doubt in my mind that upon placing you at the top of the mountain, you will strike me dead!”

“I promise by all that’s holy in the serpent world that I will not bite you, but instead praise your name to all, for the kindness you will have extended to me.”

The possibilities involving the two went on for several minutes until the man reluctantly agreed to put the reptile in his jacket pocket and carry it on towards the mountain’s peak. In short time, the summit was reached. The good Samaritan took out the snake and carefully placed him on the sunniest part of a precipice. Immediately, the snake unleashed it’s coils, striking the hiker’s hand.

“Why would you do that?” the hiker asked in disbelief... “after all which you had promised?”

“I am a snake!” the reptile hissed, watching the man slowly fall to his knees. “I am a snake! And you knew that when you picked me up!”

It may not parallel exactly, and without being a first hand witness, I am only guessing as to the real truth of the situation detailed above. In reading anything these days I try hard not to be judge, jury or executioner...but it sure seems, on the surface at least for Ms.Nizewitz, that perhaps this same sort of thing happened to her.

Well... ten million dollars, whether earned or awarded, is a nice paycheck whichever way it is penned. I just wish that all the BS was being shoveled out by the media moguls alone. At least that way a person could utilize the remote or the delete key more effectively. - J.

Article Copyright J. Michael Lyffe - 2014