As anyone who might happen upon these digitized thought balloons will quickly discover, they have either nothing, or maybe everything, to do with grilled cheese sandwiches; and most likely never touch on anything relating to cooking or the kitchen... except perhaps, the very first posting. And so, with your indulgence, may I present, the ramblings of a reforming philosopher...

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Winter's Grace...

Let white flakes fall and fill the void,
But not so much to make annoyed
Us shovelers wrapped in parkas warm
As we about our cars do swarm;
With scarves against our frost-rimmed noses
Whilst lamb-wooled boots caress our toeses....
This winter’s blast is not the first…
Won’t be the last, nor is the worst…
It comes afresh with conscience clear
And touches all both far and near
It’s just another thing that be
To test the best… in you and me.
Our metal’s not in scoops of steel,
But rather in the gold we feel
For others, less in fortune's sight
Who trudge their path and feel the bite
Of tearstained nights and empty plates
Without the walls, outside the gates…
The snow for many blows more cold
Who have no gloves nor hearts to hold.
Such flakes of fate provide us grace
To move our souls and make a place
Beside our fires of peace and nest
And gives us hope to seal the rest.
Article Copyright J. Michael Lyffe - 2014

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